If your iPad is a personal device and you just want to get email on it then follow these instructions. Enrolling your device on our Mobile Device Management platform will cause certain policies to be enforced which will require a full wipe and restore to factory default to remove.

Resetting your iPad

If you iPad is new out of the box, you can skip this step. To re-enrol an existing iPad you need to reset the device. Any photos, videos, music or documents saved only on the device will be lost during this process, however, any that have been uploaded to the cloud, say through OneDrive, iCloud or the FirstSteps app should not be affected.

Steps to do this:

The screen will go black with just the apple logo and a little loading bar beneath it. This can take a few minutes.

Setting up the iPad from scratch

When you reset your iPad or turn it on for the first time you'll be greeted with a white screen with "Hello" on it, and it will change to many different languages. From here the iPad is ready to be set up:

After a few minutes our server will install the Self Service app  on your device. A message will pop up with instructions on arranging your home screen. Click Dismiss.

At this point, depending on who you are different things will happen.

If you are nursery staff, it will lock down the iPad according to nursery policy and most settings and apps will be disabled.

If you are not nursery staff, you will be free to use it as a normal iPad with few restrictions. You can log in with an Apple ID and install additional apps. 

From here, there a few additional steps you may wish to follow:

Set Up Email