Room Specifications

The board room is booked through Reception. It contains a 60 inch Full HD LCD TV, a built-in PC, Bose sound system, air conditioning, and a glass board for writing on. When you book the room you will receive a key to get into the room as well as a key for the right-hand side cupboard in the credenza at the front of the room. In this cupboard are the following:

If any of these items are missing you should notify Reception who will arrange for them to be replaced.

Usage Instructions

The board room is controlled via an AMX panel on the wall to the right of the display. It is pictured below. The features on the panel rely on an input being selected, which will then power up the display and amplifier for the audio. The air conditioning control is separate - you can have this on or off regardless of whether you are using the rest of the equipment in the room.

Input options

The four buttons in the centre of the panel are for selecting an input for the video and audio. When you arrive in the room everything will be powered down, to start simply press the button that corresponds to the input that you want to use. The different inputs available are:

Connecting external equipment

You can connect equipment such as a laptop using the sockets on the desk surface:

In order from left to right, the sockets are for:

If the laptop you are connecting is an Apple Mac you will need to provide an appropriate adaptor to either VGA or HDMI, they are not supplied with the cable set.

When you have finished using the room

When your meeting is over please log yourself off the Union PC (if you used it), power off the cordless keyboard (again, if you used it) and return any cables / pens etc. that you used to the right hand side cupboard, and lock the door with the provided key. Turn the power off to the equipment using the Power Off button at the top-left of the panel. This will not turn the air conditioning off as there will be times where you want to shut down the display but are staying in the room.

Fifteen minutes after the last person leaves the room the sensor in the ceiling will automatically power off the display, amplifier, and shut the air conditioning down.