Below we've tried to outline the steps that should be followed when employing a new member of staff, the list is by no means exhaustive and any non-IT items are there to cover areas which the IT department (mistakenly) receives requests for. If you or your department is listed incorrectly as a contact for a certain service then please let us know so we can make corrections. Also please provide as much notice as possible when you are expecting to add a new employee to your department, especially if it requires new hardware to be purchased. If we do not receive at least a week's notice we cannot guarantee that the account, and particularly the required hardware, will be ready on time.

Information we need from you

When you contact us to let us know that you're adding a new member to your team, please include the following information:

What we can do for you

We will provide a PC for your new employee, set it up on a desk and make sure it all works provided we have sufficient notice. We will then be here to provide support in the event of any issues arising. If the user is required to work from outside the Union building, we can provide instruction on how to do this.


Please note when considering sufficient notice you should think in terms of weeks rather than hours, especially just before or after the start of the academic year.

What we can't do for you

Although Harry is pretty (he also thinks he is awesome), there are a few things that we can't help you out with but you will still most likely want.

On the first day

If everything has gone to plan your new employee will arrive on their first day, log on to their PC and everything will work.

We can deliver an IT induction for your new member of staff if you arrange it with us in advance. If you are carry out IT induction it is probably worth pointing them in the direction of these FAQ pages, the page about getting help, as well as getting themselves familiar with the Acceptable Use Policy.