Acceptable Use Policy

Computer security, Anti Virus etc.

General - we're required by our ISP & PCI to have active & up to date AV

What you're required to do

allow the computer to restart / update

Be vigilant

Accounts & mailboxes

Use the "where can I find document"

User Account Creation

Staff induction including checklists

Access to colleagues files / mail - is different to LU's policy

Email monitoring - details on the copy...


How to reset an LSU Account password

Sharing (see AUP) - don't. Don't event tell IT. Definitely don't email IT your password...

Password life is only 365 days - How to reset an LSU Account password

Account closure (aka Staff / volunteer leaving) - Where can I find

Data Protection


What this means to LSU staff & volunteers

Data retention and deletion

Software provision & installation

Our standard apps / programmes

Office / Office 365


Adobe Acrobat

MindJet MindManager


Adobe CC

Getting something else installed

Provision of network connections


General Policy

Who has access

Wi-Fi, inc eduroam

General Wi-Fi

Getting IT to make my personal device work - not a chance

Computer hardware & peripherals, including procurement

Mobile devices (LSU owned)

Use of personal computers or devices

Licencing including fonts, image use, PPL, PRS etc.

Use of third party systems and or software inc document transfer solutions etc.

Till systems



Getting support / Helpdesk

Templates and themes, signatures etc.

Domain name purchase and ownership

File systems including access settings, naming conventions and what you can store where

Cloud Storage

Googledocs / Dropbox / other 3rd party file movement services... (see GDPR)

Back ups and archives / Disaster recovery

What is backed up, how often, where to

How to get a file restored

How to get a server / app restored

What is NOT backed up

Archive copies

Email filtering & firewalls etc.

What is being filtered

Junk mail still gets through - aka getting something / someone added to the naughty list

My email wasn't junk

Screen system


Web hosting

Change management

Social media