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The below is a step by step guide for moving files from your computer or LSU files servers to your lsu OneDrive space.
Remember, files you put in OneDrive are not shared with anyone unless you specifically share them with someone.
The below example uses the (soon to be) defunct Personal file storage area as an example, but any other file area you have permissions to will work too!
  • Open file explorer.
  • Type \\personal\personal$ into the top bar (or the location of the files you wish to move)
  • Open a browser. Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer should all work.
  • Type in, sign in with your email and password if it asks.
  • Select the squares in the top left corner.
  • Select OneDrive usually in the second row.
  • You should now have two windows. One a browser with your OneDrive. One with file explorer on the personal area.
  • Now select your folder (or just the files you want) within the personal area, and drag the folder (holding down the left mouse button) over to the browser window.
  • It should say in the top corner of the OneDrive window: “Uploading x items to Files”. Depending on how many files you have, this can take a while.
  • Once it is done it will say “Uploaded x items to Files” at this point, it might be worth checking to make sure they’ve all survived.


A helpful screen capture video below may help you to follow these steps:


If you have any feedback for these FAQs, including the videos, please email the tech department!



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