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This support site and the LSU IT Helpdesk is are for users of Student Union IT systems only - this includes contracted Union staff as well as a lot of volunteer positions.

If you are experiencing issues with your student email account, accessing Learn, computers in University labs, getting a connection to HallNet, connecting to eduroam Wi-Fi with a student account, etc. then you need to contact the University IT Service Desk.

If you are having issues logging into the the LSU website then please see the information at httpat The most reported issue is "Account not matched", please see for details on this problem. For current students this is usually (but not always) because you opted out of LSU without realising this means you can't vote or join a club / society. You will need to opt back in using the Loughborough University pre-arrival system. If you're still having problems with the main website please email or  or phone 01509 635000 (during office hours) for further assistance.

Support for Student Union IT systems is provided via several channels:

  • Email – Sending an email to this address will enter it into our ticket queue and you will be kept up to date with any progress on your case. This is the preferred method of contacting us. You can check the status of open tickets and search closed ones at any time by visiting the Helpdesk. Please note that for login issues on the lsu website you need to check the relevant page as mentioned above or contact
  • Phone – 01509 635009. If you are unable to send email, or your issue requires urgent attention, then call our office number.
  • In person. We are located upstairs in the Union Building opposite the Venue Office, in-between the Board Room and Council Chamber. Please note that mentioning an issue in passing or grabbing one of us in a corridor doesn't count as requesting support, as we are very likely to have forgotten your issue and everything about it by the time we get back to a PCour computers.

In the latter two cases, a ticket will be created for you to enable you to track progress and for us to easily monitor issues that may recur over time. Support priority is assessed on merit – for example the entire building being unable to access Twitter or Facebook would be treated at a lower priority than a single department of four users being unable to access network resources such as shared files and printers.