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  • Full name - please double check the spelling, this isn't always easy to change later
  • Primary email address if it is going to be something other than
  • The department they will be located in so we can add them to the relevant security groups and email distribution lists
  • Job title so they appear correctly in the Outlook Address Book and have the right automatic signature.
  • Any extra permissions they require above what they are given as part of their security group membership (e.g. if they are being employed to work on a project that very few people have access to, chances are they will need permission to access the relevant project files), beyond the standard for the department. This might include projects they'll be assigned to.
  • Are they permanent or temporary/student staff?
  • Their expected leave date if they are temporary or student staff.

Student Staff

In addition to the above list, for student staff members we also require: