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Outlook is the supported method of accessing your Union email and calendars while you are in the office. Common operations you may wish to perform in Outlook are detailed in the child pages of this one.

Please be aware that although we provide instructions for managing .pst files, this is out of an acceptance that sometimes there is no alternative but to store vast amounts of email.

The vast majority of our users are now on Office 365 where there mailbox limits are 50Gb. Office 365 users should not need to create .pst files and are strongly discouraged from doing so.

For those of you still on Exchange 2010, Microsoft do not recommend accessing .pst files from network locations, and we do not recommend storing files on local machines because they are not backed up. The preferred and supported way to deal with your email is to leave it all on the Exchange server, and delete messages to keep within the quotas set on your mailbox

. We are currently investigating various online archiving methods which would move messages out of the Exchange datastores and still leave them accessible on a network location, but without the drawbacks of .pst files. Any changes will be announced before they are made, and instructions provided for migrating to a new system when it arrives.

- these are now much larger than they were as we have re-allocated the space freed up by moving everyone else to Office 365!