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You open Excel or a spreadsheet and Excel takes over a minute to download files from i:\entrprse\


Our finance system Exchequer has an set of add-ins for Excel which are used in conjunction with the management accounts. These add-ins are centrally stored and downloaded every time you start excel. Helpful if you want to look deeply into the management accounts for your cost centre, annoying for everyone else and every other time you want Excel.


For the Finance Department / Union Director

There is no solution, you'll have to live with it as you need the add-ins a lot.

For everyone else

Turn off the add-ins by double clicking this icon on the  desktop. Next time you use Excel the add-ons won't load - obviously this means you can't suddenly decide to go digging around in Exchequer from the Management Accounts.

Turn them back on again by double clicking this icon  before you open Excel.

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