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These instructions are for Outlook 2010 as this is what we are using at LSU. Other versions of Outlook may be slightly different.

Add the Calendar to 'favorites' (sic):

Click on the 'folder view' icon - usually near the bottom of the left hand column in Outlook:

Expand 'Public folders'

The list of folders you have will be different, however you're looking for 'Public Folders' followed by your email or name. Either double click on the folder, or click the little triangle.

Expand 'All Public Folders:

Select the calendar you want and right click, then select 'Add to Favorites':


To view the Public Folder Calendar alongside your own

Open 'Calendars' in Outlook:

Expand 'other calendars' and click on the box next to the calendar you want:

Now the Public Folder Calendar can be viewed with my own:

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