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A common issue with Outlook is when you click Outlook, it tries to open and then appears with a box such as:

There are two known causes of this error, and an easy way to distinguish between the two, and both are easy to fix.


Cause 1: Network Error

The first is a persistent network error. If this is the case, in the bottom right of your screen the network icon will have a yellow triangle, something like this:

In this case the network has connected, and you can access Users1 and even internet sites such as Facebook or Google, however, Outlook cannot talk to Microsoft's servers.

Fix 1: Reset Network

The fix for this case is to disconnect the network cable and connect it back in. The network cable is normally yellow, but can be any colour, and has a clip on the top of it that needs to be pressed down to be removed. It looks like this:

It'll take a couple of seconds, but the little triangle should go away. If it does not, email, explain that you recieved the above error and that you tried this fix.

Cause 2: Outlook is open in the background

Sometimes when you close outlook, it stays open in the background to continue organising emails, more rarely it can get stuck and not ever close.

Fix 2: Close Outlook in Task Manager

Open task manager by either, right clicking the task bar at the bottom or pressing ctrl-shift-escape. Scroll down into the Background Processes and find "Microsoft Outlook (32bit)", it is easiest to sort the list by Name, this can be done by clicking on the top of the Name column.Select "Microsoft Outlook (32bit)" and click End task at the bottom right.

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