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NEW Jan 2017

New for January 2017 is a small change the university have made to eduroam to help our users out. The short version is that if you connect your laptop to eduroam desktops, my documents and \\users1\users1$ will actually work!!! Many thanks go to our IT Services friends for this advancement.



There are presently a number of wi-fi networks in and around LSU's building, and also around the LSU campus.


LSU Public & LSU Venue networks are connected to what is essentially a basic shared broadband connection. Visitors should use the LSU Public network. The LSU Venue network is password protected and intended for acts & clients of the Venue & Ents teams.


The University provide a number of networks on campus including eduroam which are available through out the Union Building. Union staff user accounts may have access to eduroam by prior request however there are a few caveats - LSU IT are not responsible for the service being online; Union IT Support do not have access to any of the settings or diagnostic facilities; we are unable to help you with personal laptops of devices. It is also worth noting that Wi-Fi is not available everywhere in the building, and not being able to access it is not indicative of a fault. Please bear this in mind when booking meeting spaces.


Please see the University IT Service website for further information about eduroam. NB you must use your email address as your username when connecting to eduroam.

In most cases connecting to eduroam with LSU credentials is straight forwards, however if you have previously connected to eduroam with any University credentials, e.g. a student account even from a different university, you will have to delete the profile on your device or uninstall 'setupwifi'.


Users of Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 may need to install a certificate to complete the connection.

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